Why use Strategies for your Job board?
The best combination of high end features, unique design and sales inventory offerings for the price in the industry

Job Board Software
  • What makes our job board software standout?

    With so many job board software options available these days, it can be difficult differentiating between suppliers and choosing which works best for your business. At Strategies, we adopt a highly flexible approach to our job boards, from versatile design and functionality, through to ongoing SEO services and regular upgrade opportunities. Our multi-disciplined team is absorbed in the very latest job board advancements and focused on ensuring our platform.

    Jobweb is available as SaaS (software as a service) delivered as a service from our servers so that you have none of the challenges of hosting, maintenance, software, or “whose problem is this” questions. See our infrastructure here

    By bringing together cutting-edge job board software technology, award winning creative design and a thorough understanding of digital recruitment marketing, we are able to deliver a powerful job board software solution that delivers results.

  • Job board software that focuses on ROI

    Jobweb offers an expanding selection of rich functionality aimed at maximising your ROI and revenue generating opportunities. As a result of our customer demand led product roadmap we are constantly developing new value-added features and researching ways to improve existing features.

    Strategies does not have an endless list of ‘optional extras’, instead we choose to include the majority of features as standard, classing only the truly time intensive features as premium. Below is a selection of our job board software features available with Jobweb of innovation. Jobweb is driven by our constantly evolving roadmap, ensuring we stay ahead by going above and beyond the limitations of other job board software suppliers.

What our job board software users say

“It has been great working with Strategies so far. The design and delivery of the job board site met and passed my expectations.
One of the main things that I have found impressive, is their willingness and speed to change different parts of the job board. They have offered their advice and recommendations through every stage of the design and development of the site.
I am now looking forward to seeing how good they are with SEO. ”

“I've been working with Strategies since 2006, initially on a regional job board project and then in 2011 we selected them to build our niche, global job board for the video games industry. GamesJobsDirect.com has since grown to become the dominant online recruitment platform in the games industry with over 18,000 registered users and 300 clients.
The Jobweb platform, developed and hosted by Strategies, has enabled us to concentrate on growing the business and not on the technical practicalities of running a job board. The software is robust and offers all the key functionality we require.”

“Strategies job board software was very easy to migrate to and the service we received from the team has been first class. The technology matched our needs and was competitively priced - the decision to go with Strategies and use their job board software has been successful for us.”

Please get in touch with us to find out more about our job board software services and how we can help your on-line recruitment business.

Some of our Job Board Software Services

Design is key

Your image needs to be unique,
sharp and persuasive

Market Leading functionality

All of the features you need
and some for the future

Mobile is key

Your candidates will use mobiles
and tablets as much as PC's

Search Engine Optimisation

You need to constantly hone your SEO,
let us be your partner

Content Management Systems

When you want to make a change fast
you need control of the system


We constantly think of new areas
you can generate profits from

Content Creation

Content is key for your message and SEO
do you want some help?