KDR Recruitment Website Design and Development

KDR Recruitment find jobs for talented people who organise, interpret and analyse data. They are specialists in the data, technology and analytics industry, recruiting for roles within business intelligence, data science, and data governance.

With a forward-thinking, bright, and energetic agency like KDR, we were really able to spread our creative wings to design and deliver a vibrant and playful site that was still able to convey the professionalism KDR are known for.

Our team produced several rounds of designs and worked with KDR to refine and hone those designs into the final product you can see at www.kdrrecruitment.com

Screenshots alone don't do this site justice. Clever use of professional videography and subtle animation bring the site to life and give it a sense of movement and vigor that so many sites lack. Strategies also produced several high quality vector animations to add a visual element to the content and draw the user in.

KDR Recruitment website - mobile view
KDR Recruitment - laptop view