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    Create a job board for your
    Community Association Business Niche Next venture

    Whether you are looking to create a brand new job board, or you are looking to migrate an existing job board to our platform, we are able to help. Our software couldn't be easier to use for yourself, your clients and future candidates. Let us show you around.

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    All in one SaaS based
    job board software

    • Designed for Growth

      Elevate your brand presence with UX design and attract more traffic with a SEO-optimised job board.

    • Increase engagement and conversions

      Designed with mobile users in mind, our platform enhances user engagement for all users to maximise conversion rates.

    • Easy Monetisation

      Simplify your revenue stream by selling job posts and ads with our user-friendly platform.

    • Integration & AI-Powered Matching

      Seamlessly integrate with job posting services and make the most of our intelligent matching technology.

    • Job Board Pioneers

      You're in safe hands with us; we've been crafting job boards since they first popped up online.

    • Affordable Solutions

      Benefit from cost-effective options that deliver quality without straining your budget.

    A few words about their experience

    • I feel very lucky to have found them and am very happy to be one of their clients. Just amazing service, they have provided us with all the correct marketing tools. I have no faults!

      Malika Hemmings – Digital Marketing Executive

    • The Strategies team were very easy to work with, resolved requests quickly and their communication was fantastic. The migration from our old CMS was fluid and they provided brilliant informative training on the new platform. Their continued support while the website is live has been unrivalled and we would highly recommend the Strategies team to anyone.

      Sean Hanly – Head of Marketing

    • The job board is really user friendly for both admin, client and candidate, so as the admin I don’t have to much heavy lifting. Support is always fantastic, always get back to me asap and fix problems very quickly.

      I highly rate Strategies and would recommend them to anyone looking for a job board platform – they’re entire team are really personable and a joy to work with.

      Catherine Wynn – Marketing Lead

    • The Strategies Team have done an outstanding job with the re-design of our 9 websites. They have displayed great project management skills throughout the rebuild and have been extremely proactive with regards to making suggestions and improvements that have been implemented into the new designs of our various recruitment websites.

      This has meant that the functionality and look of the 9 websites is much better than I ever imagined they would be.

      Jonathan Kyle – Director of Strategy

    Power-packed Features for Every Stakeholder

    Your business

    Simplify job board management with our user-friendly CMS, monetisation and growth tools. You can quickly change your job packages, monitor your advertisement engagement and export all data when required.


    Empower employers with tools for effortlessly adding job listings, managing applicants, and filling positions. All employers will also have their own dedicated landing page with all of their information and live job listings.

    Job Seekers

    Make the job hunt a breeze for job seekers with a quick registration and application process. Job Seekers are able to bookmark jobs, set up intelligent job alerts and browse all companies on the website.

    Serving your Industry

    • Publishers & Newspapers

      Expand and monetise with our job board software

    • Universities & Academic

      Connect students, alumni, and employers effortlessly

    • Associations & Communities

      Empower members with an exclusive job marketplace

    • Non-Profit Organisations

      Find dedicated individuals passionate about your cause

    • Recruitment Agencies

      Streamline operations and match candidates effectively

    Frequently asked questions

    • How can I customise the appearance of my job board?

      You can customise your job board to match your brand's aesthetic, including images, colour themes, logos and styles.

    • Will my job board be visible to search engines?

      Absolutely, our platform is SEO-optimised. We've incorporated the latest SEO tools needed to ensure your job board is visible and ranks well in search engine results - including Google for Jobs.

    • Is the platform optimised for mobile devices?

      Yes, our job board platform is built with a mobile-first design approach. This ensures optimal user experience and engagement across all devices, including smartphones and tablets.

    • How experienced is your team in developing job boards?

      Our UK-based team has over 25 years of experience in developing job boards. Our expertise ensures that we deliver impressive, high-performing job boards to all our clients.

    • Is my data secure with your cloud hosting platform?

      Your data's security is our top priority. We use secure, reliable cloud hosting platforms to ensure your data is safe, while maintaining optimal performance and uptime for your job board.

    • Can I integrate with other systems like multi-posters and application tracking?

      Yes, our platform supports seamless integration with various systems including multi-posters, Google for Jobs, application tracking systems, and many more.

    • How can I monetise my job board?

      Our platform includes numerous monetisation tools. These include options for job posting fees, featured listings, banner ads, and more. We can guide you on best practices for job board monetisation based on our extensive experience in this field.

    • How long does it take to set up a job board?

      Typically between 2-4 weeks.