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    Search Engine Optimisation

    We pride ourselves in putting your website in-front of the right users

    It is vital for a company with ambition to have a website, however just having a website is not enough to ensure success. To make sure that your customers can find you your site has to perform well in the search engines. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is not “black magic” or a “dark art” it’s simply ensuring that search engines can read your site properly and can easily understand what your site is about.

    Our SEO campaigns follow a clear and easy to understand process which enables us to both help your business and our relationship grow.

    When it comes to SEO there is no such thing as one size fits all. As a result, we can offer a number of different levels of SEO from basic monitoring and support through to full consultancy and whichever route you decide is best for your business you can be sure that you will benefit from the good practices we have learnt over the years.

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    SEO Audit

    The first thing we do is an SEO audit of your site. We look at every aspect of your website to ensure that it is working as hard as it can for you. This includes all the basics such as making sure that the the site is focused on the right keywords, that the site is structured properly and that search engine spiders can easily read and understand your site, as well as an in-depth, bespoke review of your entire website.

    We will identify what changes need to be made, explain why and work with you to make sure that your site is fully “optimised”.

    If your site has been affected by any Google penalties either Panda, Penguin or a manual action we can also help with our proven penalty removal service.

    On-page optimisation

    In order to make sure that your website is fully optimised we will look at both your content and how your website is built, what we call technical SEO. Without one the other can not perform, which means that we need to make sure both the technology and the content are pulling their weight. However that is not all we do. A successful SEO campaign will also need the following:

    Keyword & market research: Good research is the key to a good campaign. Once we have ran an audit of your website we will analyse your market to determine what keywords your site should be targeting and what your competitors are currently doing well. Once we have that information we can then optimize your website for your keywords and make sure that we are able to emulate the good practices of your competitors.


    Conversion rate optimisation: Having good quality relevant traffic to your site is great but if it's not increasing your bottom line then your internet marketing campaign is not working. We will work with you to take full advantage of your traffic to ensure that your website is converting your traffic in to sales and leads.

    Custom reporting & analysis: We won’t just take your money and ask you to trust us, after all why should you? We will supply you with monthly reports out lining your main keyword rankings, your traffic levels from search engines and the KPI’s that are important to you and your business.

    We will also explain what these figures mean in plain English to help you know where the campaign is and where it is going.

    Additional Services

    Every company is different and as a result their requirements are also different. In response to this we have additional SEO services to suit your business requirement.

    SEO Workshops and training: Some business do have the time and resource, just not the knowledge. We can come in to your business and show your team what they need to do to make sure your site is well optimised.

    Google Penalty Recovery: Google penalties can be easy to pick up but hard to drop. We have a proven track record in removing all three of the main Google penalties. If you need help just ask!

    Optimising your recruitment website takes finesse, we can guide you through it

    Many recruitment agencies see that being found in Google as key to their success. All of our sites are built as search engine friendly from the ground up. We have specialist packages that tailor your new website precisely for your market and against your competition.

    The technical bit: we optimse your site for the following:

    Focus keyword and content analysis, Post titles and meta descriptions, Robots meta configuration, Canonical, Breadcrumbs, Primary category, Permalink cleanup, XML sitemaps, RSS enhancements

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    Recruitment SEO

    Designed to compliment the software platforms on which our recruitment websites are built these two services will help you atract more clients and candidates to your website.

    Recruitment agency SEO: Recruitment agencies need to put their best foot forward at all times to stay ahead of the competition and this includes your online presence. With a focus on helping you generate thought leadership our agency SEO services will help you do just that.

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    Job Board SEO: Job boards are large and dynamic websites which places unique demands on the SEO. Our packages are designed to work with the system, not fight against it.

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