SEO = Traffic = Business

Our recruitment software and recruitment websites are built with SEO in mind and most clients want to increase the visibility of their recruitment website on the internet’s major search engines. With experience of recruitment website SEO for everything from major sectors to small niches we can help you.

When it comes to SEO there is no such thing as one size fits all. As a result we can offer a number of different levels of SEO from basic monitoring and support through to full consultancy. However whichever route your decide is best for your business you can be sure that you will benefit from the good practices we have learnt over the years.

All recruitment website SEO packages include access to keyword and traffic reporting as well as a personal dedicated account manager with whom you can discuss your requirements and review your results on a month by month basis.

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Ethical Recruitment SEO

Our recruitment website SEO campaigns only use the highest ethical SEO techniques and standards. We do not believe that spam and other ‘black hat’ methods are the best way to represent your company. We offer a range of ethical SEO services to suit every company.

We only use ethical SEO methods and techniques when working for you.

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The Methodology

Our recruitment agency SEO service are comprehensive and contain the following elements.

  • Keyword analysis and consultancy
  • On-site optimisation
  • Website error & health analysis
  • Duplicate content analysis
  • Competitor analysis
  • Detailed monthly reporting

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Is that all you do?

Here at Strategies we do not only what works now but what will work in 5 years’ time; this means creating great content that provides true value to the internet and your industry.

This approach means that we do not use some of the more “grey hat” techniques others may employ such as wide spread directory use, duplication of articles and building links on low quality sites.

We understand that your website is your business and as a result we do not take risks with your business. If we are too aggressive with our SEO then we run the risk of your site being penalised by Google and the other search engines and this would mean that your site will not appear on the search engines.

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What about the h1 tags and canonicalisation?

We do not want to try and blind our clients with science to make a sale, that’s why we avoid big long tables with lots of ticks that do not really mean a lot. We will make sure that your site is fully optimised and that your whole site is working to bring in more visitors to your business.

“Website Optimisation” means that we will optimise your visible content, the coding under the bonnet of your site and make sure that both people and search engines are able to easily navigate their way around your site, after all it’s people who use your services not Google.

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Another firm says they can build us 50,000 links in a month!

So could we, but 12 months down the line you would be regretting that we did. Search engines are clever, really clever. Building thousands of low quality links on low quality sites works for a while, but sooner or later Google will catch you and your site will be removed from its search results.

At Strategies we always take the ethical approach, we work within the guidelines set out by the search engines which mean that we only build high quality links from sites that are relevant to your industry, your visitors and your company. A link like this is much more powerful than 1,000 un-related directory links and will serve you and your website better over the long-term.

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Where’s the proof that your approach works?

Regardless of what people may claim SEO is not a “Dark Art”, in fact with the right tools such as Google Analytics it is very easy to measure the success of your SEO campaign. We will work with you to help you understand the impact of the campaign and see how by harnessing the power of search engines you can take your business where you want it to go.

Please speak to us to view our portfolio and see the impact our ethical SEO campaigns have had with some of our current clients.

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Latest case study

“It has been a real pleasure working with Strategies throughout our website projects, they are always very helpful, quick to respond and patient when trying out lots of new ideas.”

When X4 first approached us it was clear that they wanted big things from their new site. Their old site didn’t represent them as a business at all and changing this whole perception was the first point of call.

X4 later decided to separate their sectors into their own unique brands which have their own unique colour palettes and logos. We ensured that this was all possible and that all of these new brand pages were in keeping with the design of the site but also had unique elements within each given brand.

As one of the fastest growing recruitment agencies in the UK, it was crucial that X4 had a site that attracted not only clients and candidates but…

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