SpaPulse is job board for the spa industry, set up by people with significant industry experience, knowledge, and most importantly, contacts. After spending time researching the market they settled on the Jobweb system developed by Strategies as their job board platform.

As the team at SpaPulse had put so much planning in to their new offering obtaining the content and images was a quick process. This meant that we were able to build their website with minimal delay, allowing for plenty of time for the SpaPulse team to become familiar with the system and make sure their clients and jobs were on the website before launch.

We are really pleased with how their website has come out and are very impressed with the level of preparation of the team at SpaPulse. Their forward planning and lining up of clients, paired with our feature rich job board system means that they have a strong foundation on which to build their new business and we look forward to working with them for many years to come.

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