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    Jobs in schools, colleges and education; leadership, management, teaching and administration.

    The Education Week umbrella consists of three brands, but the inclusion of branded landing pages for Schools Week and FE Week creates a platform for each brand to stand on its own. In order to support this, each brand is able to take news from their own editorial websites. This makes it easy to find the latest news and updates that are relevant to each brand.

    In partnership, the three brands are able to provide opportunities for candidates across the education sector. Offering roles from teaching to finance in academies, junior schools and further education.

    The site was developed over a period of time in order to create a fully functional job board with the addition of the kind of branded landing pages that Education Week were happy with. Starting with a clean and crisp look that is able to draw focus to available jobs, search facilities and important updates; as well as promoting links to the other branded landing pages clearly and efficiently through bold colour choices and by providing clear direction to the viewer.

    The job board itself contains all the functionality and efficiency you’d expect from a Strategies development. Our intuitive and industry leading system is able to meet Education Week’s requirements for their candidates and clients. This includes the ability to search for jobs by keyword, date, job role, contract type and even subject area. The latter of which makes it a great fit for the education market.

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