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    The Vendigital brief

    Vendigital are a management consultancy based in the heart of London and were looking for a new digital partner to help them create a new website. They came to us at Strategies following the recent work we had undertaken with the MCA.

    Vendigital needed a new website that projected a new, clean, and professional image online designed to generate new business from online sources. As well as looking good the new website needed to be able to host their thought leadership content in a clear and easy to access manner and they needed to be able to easily update the content themselves; something that their existing website struggled with.

    In addition, the new website brief called for a platform that they could host themselves, could be easily expanded as the business need required and allowed them to promote their services through online marketing.

    What we did for Vendigital

    Working with the marketing team at Vendigital we were able to identify a theme that suited Vendigital’s business and design ideas. We were then able to take that theme and heavily customise it to match their branding, their preferred layout and site structure. By taking an “adapted theme” approach we were able to deploy the website faster, reduce design and build costs, and provide a platform that easier to maintain.

    At the start of the build process we took the opportunity to review their site structure to allow for clear navigation, making it easier for users to find what was most relevant to their needs.

    We also started an SEO campaign which included a site migration plan. This meant that not only the new website was optimised but the authority from the old website was correctly passed over to the new website, a critical but often overlooked part of creating a new website.

    At Strategies we normally host all the websites that we build, however, in order to maintain their ISO accreditation Vendigital wanted to self-host their new website. To facilitate this our developers worked closely with their IT department to ensure that an internal test platform could be set up at Vendigital which we used to develop the website and once the build was complete, we worked with them to make the website live.

    Vendigital were keen to make content updates independently so following a short training session the team are able to update the content whenever they need to, of course, we are always on hand should they need any additional support or a quick refresher.

    Overall, both Vendigital and Strategies are very pleased with the final website. It has a brought the website up to date, both in terms of design and technology, and has given Vendigital the online platform they need to put their best foot forward.

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