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    First-Class Website and Application Hosting

    State of the Art Cloud Platform

    Strategies is committed to making your website fast, secure, reliable and highly available. We take your data protection incredibly seriously. To achieve the levels of quality our customers have come to expect we invest in and architect our own infrastructure, allowing us to create bespoke solutions for more sophisticated needs. All rubber-stamped with key industry accreditations and support with a single point of contact.

    Nothing is outsourced. No hidden fees.

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    What to expect from your Strategies Service?

    Speed. Your website performance matters to us. Since we design your website, we understand how to host your solution for the maximum performance.

    Proven uptime. Our Cloud platform is architected to offer 99.99% availability. You cannot afford to suffer downtime and our service has proven itself to deliver.

    24x7. A reliable service is key to your success. Pro-active monitoring of all systems and 24/7 on-call staff, with parts and spare systems on site for quick response.

    Single point of contact. You receive a fully managed solution (hosting, maintenance and support) from one company. Managing the whole process allows us to identify and solve problems quicker for you.

    Security. Protecting your data is paramount to us. Providing security and data protection is absolutely critical. It’s why we are ISO27001 accredited and why we backup data daily.

    Network Security

    Nothing Is Outsourced

    Many smaller web design agencies outsource their hosting services to a server farm that focus on just hardware and maintenance support. They know nothing about you or your business needs. Our experience shows that ‘incidents’ are more likely to be related to a software issue or failure and having experienced technicians always available is indispensable.

    You always have first priority with Strategies and because we control every parameter ourselves, we offer unrivaled levels of service. We are in total control over the operating environment of your website and your online presence.

    No hidden Fees

    Bandwidth, in simple terms, is the amount of data you can send to your users at any given time. The more bandwidth, the more data you can send.

    Our bandwidth is unmetered and is included as part of our hosting service. There is no unexpected bills for excessive bandwidth use!

    Need something more sophisticated to meet your needs?

    If you have specific requirements to support your business, you’ve come to the right place. You may need a dedicated environment necessary for unique performance or security levels or it may be disaster recovery to a second secure site to provide full online business continuity.

    Strategies specialises in sophisticated solutions but at an affordable price.

    We strive for industry best practice and invest in all relevant certifications to give you peace of mind in operating your business.

    The Strategies Cloud Platform

    Strategies secure cloud platform has been constructed inside a purpose built unit within its UK Headquarters in Farnborough, Hampshire.

    With over 50 servers the cloud platform benefits from the below hardware and offers the following services:

    • VMware vSphere based SDDC infrastructure.
    • Diverse gigabit fibre-optic connectivity providing speed, resilience and tight SLAs from our supplier.
    • Dedicated air conditioning units with redundancy for consistent cooling no matter what the weather outside.
    • Active monitoring of all systems and 24/7 on-call staff, with parts and spare systems on site for quick response.
    • Backup diesel power to maintain uptime for the entire centre.
    • UNIX based firewalls with redundancy.
    • Ample space and resources for dedicated hardware and expansion based on our clients’ needs.
    • Shared platforms for small scale sites which can be more cost effective to our customers than dedicated hardware.
    • Total onsite and offsite backup.
    • Part of the Microsoft Hosting Community and a Microsoft Certified Partner with access to their latest technologies.
    • Disaster recovery services available on request.

    Please contact us if you have any questions or would like more information regarding our Cloud Platform.

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