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    The X4 brief

    When X4 first approached us it was clear that they wanted big things from their new site. Their old site didn’t represent them as a business at all and changing this whole perception was the first point of call.

    X4 later decided to separate their sectors into their own unique brands which have their own unique colour palettes and logos. We ensured that this was all possible and that all of these new brand pages were in keeping with the design of the site but also had unique elements within each given brand.

    As one of the fastest growing recruitment agencies in the UK, it was crucial that X4 had a site that attracted not only clients and candidates but potential consultants for their business as well. X4 wanted to show off how they are a fun company to work for and where their future ambitions are going to take them.

    What we did for X4

    The new X4 website was completely reworked to provide a platform that could send their users in a very specific user journey. Our aim was to ensure that any user who lands on the site will instantly be able to direct themselves to relevent content areas, specifically with the new X4 brands.

    Each of the four X4 Group brands were designed with a unique colour palette, job board and menu structure, which means we can tailor specific content, menu items and jobs to their brands. We know that X4 are one of the fastest growing companies in the UK to date and ensuring they have a platform which can be regularly updated was paramount. X4 now have a system which offers them constant growth and development as they grow and expand further.

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    A few words about their experience

    “It has been a real pleasure working with Strategies throughout our website projects, they are always very helpful, quick to respond and patient when trying out lots of new ideas.”

    Danielle Church - Marketing Executive