The SecurikeyReels brief

Securikey are an existing client of Strategies and when they wanted to launch a new website, SecurikeyReels, Strategies were first first port of call. Securikey wanted to have a customer focused outlet for their key reels and badge retractors that had a clean and easy to use design with the tools required for a successful e-commerce website. One of the main priorities was to ensure that it was easy to manage and maintain the SecurikeyReel product range so it would not demand too much time from Securikey staff while being able to impart enough information to be useful to customers.

Securikey recognised that as a new venture getting traction in the search engines would be challenging so they also requested that we put an online marketing plan together to give the website put it’s best foot forward at launch.

What we did for SecurikeyReels

Working together we are able to produce a design that showed off their product range and made it easy for customers to find the right key reel for them. We were keen to ensure that the site allowed customers to not only find products but to also be presented with similar ones so they could be sure they are buying the best one. This great design was backed up with the powerful yet easy to use CMS WordPress and the e-commerce system WooCommerce. This combination meant that we were able to give Securikey a website that met all of their requirements and even exceeded many of them.

To ensure that the new website had a good chance in the search engines we also optimised the website before it was launched and have been expanding the content post-launch. This not only helps improve conversion rates but also allows the website to target a greater range of keywords.

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A few words about their experience

“It has been a real pleasure working with Strategies throughout our website projects, they are always very helpful, quick to respond and patient when trying out lots of new ideas.”

Jeremy Cassady - Managing Director