The Formula brief

Formula Recruitment first approached Strategies with a simple goal in mind, to establish a web presense for a newly formed recruitment website.

It was particularly important that the site didn't look like just another recruitment website template, as is often the case with start ups. Formula made it clear that whilst they weren't going to launch with a great deal of pages, the site had to attract all users and show that the knowledge behind the team was second to none.

Strategies helped implement the overall branding, providing a new logo and offering advice with colour pallets and imagery. Formula also wanted to have a live chat feature on the site to make sure they could engage with every user who visited the site.

What we did for Formula

Strategies came up with a entirly new design from scratch, as we helped Formula with the logo design and other branding it was simple to make sure that the new branding flowed through the new site.

As the site is realitivly small it was key that users would instantly find what they are looking for, espeically candidates. We implemented our job management software which allows Fomrula to post jobs with ease and manage them all the same.

A word from Formula Recruitment

"The new Formula Recruitment websites goes to show that you don't have to stick with mediocrity when starting up a new recruitment website. You can have all the latest features and unique designs even with a smaller budget."

Project Manager - Strategies