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    The X4 brief

    X4 Group already have multiple sites all sat under one roof to make management extremely simple, so when it comes to adding another site to the group, the task is simple.

    However this time around, X4 wanted to approach the design from a completely different angle, to try something that you rarely see from recruitment websites in 2019. A strong and bold site, with tons of bright colours to really pack a punch and attract users to all of the rich and unique content. One thing we wanted to ensure above all else is that the site still has a design that will lend itself to the main X4 Group website, this is, after all, another brand within X4 Group, and whilst it is widely different to its counterparts, it still has to belong to the Group brand.

    What was clear from the start of this project is that we needed to approach it with a less is more mentality. We wanted to avoid overloading the page with information and links that users simply aren’t looking for. But really focusing on what is important to X4 Communications, a design was created tick all of the boxes.

    What we did for X4

    Throughout our design phase, we constantly worked alongside X4 to make sure the vision for the new Communications website was shared by both Strategies and X4 Group. By having huge flexibility in the design phase, it meant we were able to create something that really stands out from X4’s competitors.

    A completely new job search design was implemented as well to accompany the new design, the main focus for this was user engagement. We wanted users to be able to apply for a job without having to click 3 different buttons to get there. We also wanted to ensure that when you are searching for a job, that you don’t see huge amounts of blank space on the screen, by fixing all elements of the job search page, it ensures users always have strong calls to action right in front of them.

    From an animation perspective we tried a variety of new and old techniques, advanced parallax scrolling, sleek viewport animation and of course hover effects for both images and videos.

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    A few words about their experience

    “It has been a real pleasure working with Strategies throughout our website projects, they are always very helpful, quick to respond and patient when trying out lots of new ideas.”

    Danielle Church - Marketing Executive