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    The Communicate brief

    Communicate RS wanted a clear message, good branding and a professional look and feel. The site delivers on their candidate focused approach with an excellent job search and an up-to-date blog.

    One of the most important aspects of Communicate was their jobs page. They wanted to ensure that their candidates could have a seamless journey and to be able to find the most relevant jobs with ease. Making these jobs easy to apply for was paramount especially from mobile devices which was not an option for them with their old site.

    Recruiting for themselves was also very important and Communicate made a big push to get more consultants applying to work for them. They wanted a fun and engaging page to highlight what it’s like to work for them and what they could expect in a career at Communicate.

    What we did for Communicate

    Our first point of call was to create a completely new design as what they had previously simply wasn’t working for them. By working directly with Communicate, we created a range of new designs to present to Communicate. After many alterations, Communicate ended up with a site that truly portrays their brand on the web.

    Communicate decided to take full advantage of our job manager software, which in turn has allowed them to not only post their jobs on the web and have them easily filtered but to full optimise them as well for Google. By implementing our SEO software we gave Communicate all the tools that they would need to succeed.

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    A few words about their experience

    “Strategies have been a pleasure to partner with throughout the entire process and the end results have been a testimony to how hard Alex and the team have worked. They took the time to understand what we wanted from our new website and then made additions based on their own expertise. As a result we have been left with a polished, user friendly site and all for a great price.”

    Marketing Manager