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    Recruitment Specialists in Technology, Construction & Engineering

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    When Cavendish first approached us to help with their new website, it was clear that far more was needed than simply a new recruitment website. Cavendish had grown a lot since their previous branding was commissioned and a clear change was needed to ensure the whole business was heading into a bold new direction.

    Throughout Cavendish’s new website, we wanted to push the boundaries of what had been done before. Instead of conforming to the norm, we wanted to challenge the way that users interacted and experienced the new website.

    A few words about their experience

    “We chose Strategies as our website providers because of the creativity we saw on their previous projects, and they didn’t fail to deliver this with our new website. They were able to take our brief and translate that into a creative, user friendly website. Throughout the process Strategies were easy to work with and created little design touches on the site that made our website unique. What I like is that even though the website is complete they are continuing to make those changes that will keep our brand and website relevant and fresh. We have had nothing but positive feedback which is always great to hear. Thank you Strategies”

    Natasha Gordon-Douglas - Head of Marketing