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    Strong Group first came to us in need of a new recruitment website that truly reflected their business online, as their previous website was looking dated and was sending out the wrong message.

    Strong didn’t want to simply have a nice looking website, whilst having all of the bells and whistles was important to Strong from a visual standpoint, the user experience was the first thing for us to look at.

    By exploring a range of different designs throughout the entire site, it allowed us and Strong to constantly refine and create unique page designs that would give each user the best possible journey. This meant stepping away from the traditional page designs that most websites settle with, and instead create designs for each and every page so no two pages were ever the same.

    Strong made it very clear to us that their current SEO and organic rankings were very important and should not be impacted when creating a new site. We ensured that we migrated and optimised the new site in the best possible way, which meant that no old links were ever lost. Instead, they were migrated to their new home on the new website, which allowed us to preserve and build upon Strong’s SEO.

    What we did for Strong

    Strong wanted to be guided throughout the design process, but they also had a lot of their own ideas that they wanted to explore. Having the flexibility that our designs offer meant that Strong could work alongside us to create something that wasn’t just our take on their business, but a design that they can truly be proud of. One that they helped shape themselves.

    Ensuring that Strong’s jobs are showing on Google for Jobs was of the utmost importance. By using our own Google for Jobs software, it has allowed Strong to populate jobs exactly how they like, without having to bend to the strict criteria that Google requires. In effect getting the best of both worlds.

    Strong took great advantage of our animation techniques, which has led the site to be very visually engaging. Throughout the entire site unique animation has been used to draw users in and also offer more than the plain and frankly boring sites that everyone is used to seeing.

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    A few words about their experience

    “Very impressed with their communication and honesty. They are able to do everything we wanted with loads of customisation. I feel very lucky to have found them to revamp our website and am very happy to be one of their clients. Just amazing service, they have provided us with all the correct marketing tools. I have no faults!”

    Malika Hemmings - Digital Marketing Executive