The Rise Technical brief

Rise Technical are the UK's leading specialist engineering and technical recruiter for both permanent and contract roles. It was clear from the outset that Rise required a bespoke solution tailored to their growing needs.

Strategies had already been partnered with Rise over 10 years and have assisted with 3 variations of the site. Rise are making a big push to publish regular unique content to enhance their position as a fully fledged resource for candidates and employers, as well as to help with their SEO. For this reason a dedicated design and marketing agency, Synergy Creative, were hired to assist with the project. It is rare that we don't provide designs to our clients but we are never adverse to working with external design agencies. Our main concern is that our clients achieve their aims and end up with a site (or sites) that they can be proud of.

It was up to Strategies to put all of the pieces together. So for example, where the design we were supplied with focused on larger desktop screens, we needed to ensure that the site we built worked smoothly across all devices and platforms, whilst still maintaining Rise's new design and branding.

Rise Technical - phone view
Rise Technical - Laptop view

What we did for Rise Technical

After Rise had their new branding guidelines put in place, we wanted to ensure that their design and marketing agency's vision of the site truly came to life. With the few pieces of branding that we could use, such as the triangles and brackets, we added unique custom animation throughout the site. This not only helps to engage Rise's users as much as possible but keeps on point with the new branding.

Rise have always had a large amount of jobs on their website, and when moving to the new site we wanted to ensure that these were all imported smoothly. As Rise use Broadbean's job posting platform this meant working closely with Broadbean to ensure that all of the existing jobs were correctly migrated to the new site.

One of the biggest tasks for any existing site is to ensure that SEO migration is completed thoroughly. This is especially true for a site like Rise who have steadily been building up domain authority and rankings over the past 10 years. We needed to make certain that every link that had ever existed on previous Rise websites has a home on the new site. In addition to this, we completed a full SEO setup for the new site. This entailed setting up SEO titles, meta descriptions, alt attributes, content optimisation and ensuring relevant header tags were used throughout.