The iGaming Elite brief

It was clear from the word go that iGaming wanted something really unique from a design perspective. They didn't want to look like another recruitment agency and they had a small idea that developed and became the theme of their whole site and brand.

Sin City and comic style were the two sets of keywords that iGaming wanted us to install throughout the site. It had to look cool but also function for all users on all devices, after going through a lot of back and forth we landed on design that worked for everyone. iGaming wanted a design that elevated them above their competition and with what we have built they are confident they are years ahead now.

iGaming also wanted more than just a responsive website, they wanted a app that would allow their candidates to have all of their jobs in one central place, without having to go to a website, it was all just one click away.

What we did for iGaming Elite

With iGaming it was all about design, we worked with iGaming during the entire process and took on board any feedback during all stages of the project. The site took slightly longer to build that we would usually like, but in taking the extra time it allowed us to ensure the vision that iGaming had was truly delievered.

Building a app that allowed candidates to apply for jobs at the click of a button was high on the priority list for iGaming. The app had to be fast, slick and easy to navigate. We made this as simple as possible and ensure that users who download the iGaming elite app have everything they need in one centralised location.

A word from iGaming Elite

"I think this is one of the best looking recruitment websites on the web today. I couldn't have asked for more from the Strategies team, they went above and beyond and I am already working with them on my future projects."

Dean Nicholls - Director