Fraser Dove International Website Design and Development

Specialist life sciences executive search firm, Fraser Dove International, approached Strategies about designing and developing a new website for their growing business. They had outgrown their old site and wanted a new site that better demonstrated their values and core skills.

Our highly skilled team worked closely with them to design and develop a new site. Strategies have many years of experience in recruitment agency website design and development, so we were able to offer valuable insight into current trends, best practices, and how to stand out from the crowd.

Strategies and Fraser Dove have produced a vibrant site that combines video, animation, and interactive elements to communicate with users, and to gain the attention of candidates and clients alike. The site scales across devices and screen sizes and orientations to provide a fully functional, fantastic looking site no matter how you view it. This, in conjunction with our SEO set-up and migration package, gave Fraser Dove a new site that is fit for the future and fully optimised for search engines and usability.

In addition to providing design, development, and SEO services for Fraser Dove, Strategies also include full aftercare. We provide and manage all of this in-house using our own team and hardware (located in an industry leading data centre on the same secure location as our offices). When we launch a site we don't view that as "job done" - it's just the beginning of a long relationship we have with our clients. We provide all of the technical services and support that their new web site may need. This includes providing security and maintenance updates as well as general functionality upgrades, on-going back-ups and disaster recovery, SEO, and last but by no means least, phone and email support from the team that built the site.

Fraser Dove International website - mobile view
Fraser Dove International - laptop view