The BluePrint brief

After a lot of searching BluePrint decided to commission Strategies with the design and development of their new site. As BluePrint were a brand-new business they had no presence on the web and their name was not established yet, so it was extremely important to ensure the design reflected who they wanted to be as a business.

Whilst BluePrint were a new business, they didn’t want to reflect this online as many start-up recruitment agencies do by taking shortcuts with their design. Instead, BluePrint wanted a very strong design and realised that Strategies really excel at design. We knew that the site wasn’t going to be overly large or packed full of hundreds of jobs to start with, so ensuring that users got the best first impression was our main goal.

BluePrint took advantage of our ability to add intuitive animation that compliments the design while guiding users through the site. By ensuring that every element of the site is animated in some way, it allows users to be drawn in to relevant content areas and keeps you scrolling on as there is always something catching your eye.

BluePrint website
BluePrint Mac

What we did for BluePrint

Strategies were commissioned to design and develop the new website and also were responsible for designing a brand new logo and assisting with branding guidelines.

We love being pushed to our limit when it comes to the development of our sites, and BluePrint took full advantage of this. With every iteration of the site, we added more and more unique animation to constantly push the site forward and engage users. This was the best way to help BluePrint stand-out from all of the other start-up recruitment agencies.

As well as providing a unique design for the homepage, BluePrint wanted to make sure that their inner pages didn’t fall into the trap of just being a page with text dumped onto it, like so many recruitment sites that don't use Strategies' system. We made sure that every page on BluePrint has something unique about it so we could engage the users as much as possible.