The Blayze Group brief

Blayze wanted to grow their site to better reflect themselves as a business. With a site that was over 7 years old, not responsive and lacking basic functionality, it was paramount that Blayze had a platform that could support their ambitions and goals.

It was important that Blayze could highlight individuality within their different sectors. Showing specific consultants, jobs, clients, and branding across these sectors would allow the different divisions of Blayze to highlight areas of the site that applied to them specifically.

What we did for Blayze

Strategies were commissioned to overhall everything for Blayze. From logo design, office branding, business card design, to website design and marketing material. We quickly came up with the colour spectrum idea for Blayze, it played on a idea that they previously used whilst making it much more modern and fresh. This in turn has been used throughout the site and on all marketing materials.

The system offered to Blayze allows them to fuel their growth ambitions, it is crucial that the site never falls behind and doesn't reflect their business ethos. With the Strategies system not only do Blayze have a great design, but they have a platform that is well placed to deal with future technologies and developments, and is fully manageable by Blayze.

A word from Blayze Group

"Blayze allowed us to push the boundaries and try out new features and functionality, they constantly worked with us throughout the project which I believe has led to a very unique website"

Matt Jeffers - Lead Developer