The ABL brief

ABL first approached Strategies because their old website was no longer fit for purpose and didn’t represent their image on the web. As well as needing a brand-new site design, ABL were keen to update their logo and branding guidelines. It was important that the brand stayed very similar to its previous incarnation but with enough of an update to modernise the brand moving forward.

It was important to ABL that Broadbean's job posting service was fully integrated and would support ABL's custom search functionality. Strategies were able to ensure that all unique data was captured on Broadbean and then fed back to the site whilst still maintaining the new site's unique styling and design. In addition to this ABL wanted to be able to display details of the consultant managing each job on the site, which Strategies were able to deliver.

ABL also made it clear that ensuring that the user journey was as seamless as possible was of utmost importance. By utilising animation throughout the site, Strategies were able to offer the best user engagement possible, and guide visitors through the process of using the site.

ABL's Recruitment Website

What we did for ABL

ABL gave us a lot of flexibility with the design and after the first initial concept, we knew we were on the right track. We wanted to create something very clean and simple for users to navigate through, whilst ensuring that the job search function was always in view no matter where you are on the site.

We are firm believers in making sure that the user experience extends beyond the homepage. With ABL we ensured that every single page on the site had something unique about it, this way it allowed ABL to really highlight their unique content and also reduce the bounce rates on inner pages.