SEO Guide for Recruitment Agencies

At Strategies, we’ve been able to put together a range of SEO tips for recruitment agencies, so much so, that we’ve brought them all together and created an easy-to-use SEO Guide for Recruitment Agencies.

This advice has ranged from the importance of individual optimisation to how content should be crafted in a way that is beneficial to both clients and your organisation.
We’ve covered the following in our individual blog posts:

SEO Tips for Recruitment Agencies – Introduction

Here, we introduced the concept of Search Engine Optimisation for recruitment agencies. Highlighting why it’s so important and providing a general overview of the concept and the parts that make it tick.

Creating Helpful Content for Clients and Candidates

We go into further detail on how to create content, one of the fundamental pillars of putting together an SEO strategy. Without words on a page there’s no reason for people to visit your website. We explain how to create helpful content for your audience.

How Recruitment Agencies Should Use Social Media

Social Media has become a vital part of everyday life for everyone, no matter who you are or where you come from, it’s slowly become ingrained in society over the last few days. In this post, we discuss how you can take advantage of Social Media in the right way.

Why Creating Regular Content Is Important

Consistency is just as key to SEO as quality. Regular content that meets a certain level of quality will see you not just get results, but sustain them as well over a period of time.

How To Take Advantage Of Keyword Research

Knowing the correct terms to use and how to implement them is another important aspect of Search Engine Optimisation.

The Importance of Individual Optimisation

And finally, we look at the different types of SEO available and why there’s one in particular, that can help Recruitment Agencies to stand out from the competition.

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