By staying in touch with your audience and understanding their needs, recruitment agencies can gain a better idea about how to build stronger relationships with both clients and candidates.

An experienced recruitment agency is able to lean on years of experience, both through their network of contacts and the individuals that work within the company. So why not share this information with clients and candidates? Even if they’re not yet affiliated with your recruitment agency.

Writing blogs and articles on hot-button topics and relevant information will allow you to be able to reach out to not only your existing partners and candidates, but to also allow you to assert yourself as a leader in your field and an expert in recruitment. The trick though, is to make sure that you’re creating content that is useful and helpful for your audience, so much so that over time it strengthens existing relationships, and establishes you at the forefront of others who may not yet have a strong bond with your recruitment agency.

Diversify From The Obvious Recruitment Subjects

So, what should you write about?

A quick look at other recruitment agencies sites should reveal a similar pattern, and one that you must avoid.

How to write a CV, how to prepare for a job interview and numerous other generic job preparation blogs have been written time and time again by numerous recruitment agencies no matter their niche, or client and candidate base.

At first, they appear to be obvious ways to help candidates, but you need to present the same information and advice in a smarter way.

By creating content that is similar to other recruitment agencies, you’re not offering your audience unique and expert information that only you can provide, and when attracting an audience, this is what you need to focus on; rather than providing blogs that anyone who is even remotely familiar with the concept of employment could put together.

So, what should you write?

That question depends on what your recruitment agencies niche or priority is. Are you a specialist in jobs that relate to the construction industry? Write about construction. Or do you focus on the comings and goings in the healthcare sector? If so, you should focus on writing blogs that focus on that.

Looks at the hot button topics regarding your chosen sector that people are talking about. Do you have an authoritative voice that could lend some advice or information on the subject? As it’s a subject you’re focused on day-in day-out, you are in the perfect position to offer advice and give people a reason to not just believe what you say, but also trust you.

You can even alter the standard ‘how to write a CV’ piece to your own specific niche. Think of how you can tailor your blog posts to industries and subjects that your recruitment agency focuses on.

Presenting Content and SEO

In order to keep things fresh for your audience, there are a number of different ways that you can present content to your clients and candidates. Either in the form of blogs, articles or even listicals. The latter of which sees you creating a numbered list which are usually easier to read and understand for your audience, as they don’t have to get into the heart of a blog in order to take vital knowledge away.

By producing regular and informative pieces in a variety of ways on your recruitment website, it not only allows you to come across as an expert in your field, but also as an authoritative voice to search engines such as Google. Meaning that just by expressing yourself through informative and thoughtful blogs and articles, your SEO will improve, leading to a better rank and, in-theory, more people coming to your recruitment agency.

There’s no magic wand to make SEO work, but by doing something as simple as offering helpful information and advice, you can positively affect your rank and ensure that your brand comes to the forefront of clients and candidates’ minds.

Want More Information?

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