Having recently attended one of this years recruitment agency expo’s we struck up quite an in-depth conversation about direct CRM to recruitment website integration with one on the major CRM providers. It was a very interesting discussion and backed up exactly what we have been advising our clients for some time now. This conversation has prompted us to write the following blog post….

Many moons ago, when recruitment websites were first introduced, clients believed that by integrating their CRM system with their recruitment website it would streamline their administration function, and back then they were probably right.

Since that time and with the introduction of remote post and CV parsing software a number of things have changed to make this process vastly more effective by way of cost and time saving.

In addition to posting jobs to their own recruitment website many recruitment businesses post vacancies across a broad range of job boards in order to attract the very best candidates to the jobs they are working for their clients. It is now exceptionally common that most recruitment businesses now partner with a remote post provider (Broadbean, Idibu, Job Mate et al) in order to speed up the administration process.

Many of these remote post software providers will already integrate with many of the mainstream CRM systems (Bond, Microdec etc) meaning that when they place a new requirement to their CRM the vacancy can be distributed to their job boards and recruitment website at the same time removing the need for a direct CRM to recruitment website integration for vacancy posting.

The same can be said for receiving CV’s back to your CRM from the various advertising sources.

Many of the mainstream CRM systems now have a CV parsing function/option within their list of impressive functionality. CV Parsing allows for recruiters or resourcers to choose which candidates meet their consultancies criteria and drag and drop to a file to populate their CRM system with the full candidates details. This ensure that only the best candidates make the CRM system thus removing the time it takes to search the database for suitable candidates for suitable roles.

Not only does the above work for applications from their own recruitment website but will also works for any applicants received from the job boards they subscribe to.

We would urge any recruitment business to think seriously before making a direct CRM to recruitment website integration part of their recruitment website brief and would be happy to provide more information if necessary.