Following on from our latest blog What is a user journey and why is it so important to your recruitment website?

We wanted share what we recommend to be best practice for sharing jobs via social media channels.

Social media has become a very important outlet for the recruitment industry over the last few years.

In a heavily competitive market, the ability to engage with potential candidates and clients on every level is of huge importance.

Due to the number of social media channels many recruitment companies choose to utilise one of the vast array of products available to bulk feed jobs out to social platforms.

Although these products are proven to save time they can lead to other issues.

Typically an automated social post will contain some brief information about the job along with a link to the static landing page where only a job description can be found.

Hopefully the job description will be right for the potential candidate and they will make an application… But what if it isn’t? What if the candidate having looked at the job description in full feels it isn’t right for them? Where do they go? Where are they being directed?

We have seen a growing trend of social landing pages generated with just a job description and an application method but no other calls to action.

Where this process falls down is they have no way of directing this potential candidate to make a further search for something that may be more relevant.

If the potential candidate hits this “dead end” page and the job isn’t right for them the opportunity is lost.

They cannot search for something more relevant, they cannot register for job alerts and they will not make communication with your recruitment business.

Our Jobweb system can be integrated with social media platforms such as Twitter meaning when you post a job to your recruitment website the same job page is posted out to your followers.

The link posted is a direct link back to your recruitment website meaning that even if the job isn’t quite what the visitor initially expected you have given them the opportunity to refine their search, drop off a CV or register for job alerts, vastly improving the overall experience and giving you a much greater chance at securing additional candidates.

So instead of forcing candidates to a dead end, point them back to your website and give them a vastly better user experience.

You will find that not only your candidate attraction will improve but also traffic to your recruitment website.

For more information or to speak to a member of the team please do not hesitate to contact us