Brand Strategy

Too many recruitment agencies rely on ‘me-too’ generic brand offerings and predictable corporate wallpaper design. We fix that.

Whether your brand merely needs refreshing or a major overhaul we will build you a unique recruitment brand that your staff, clients and candidates will love.

Through our research and development model we define your recruitment brand story and bring it to life, to give you:

  • Recruitment brand position
  • Recruitment brand personality
  • Messages
  • Values and culture
  • Visual identity

Deliverables: The brand building blocks we offer you:

  • Recruitment brand concept – translating the brand idea into a visual story
  • Recruitment brand promise – what you’ll promise the market
  • Messages – articulating your band through sales and marketing
  • Vision & values – where your brand is going and the behaviours that will get you there.

Results: So, why have a brand strategy, what do you get:

  • An understanding of where your business and recruitment brand is today
  • Agreement about what you and your team want to achieve
  • A plan to achieve your brand and business goals
  • Clear direction and creative brief to build your visual identity and website upon

Recruitment Brand Identity

Your recruitment brand image will be built through each piece of communications. A good recruitment brand identity will give you a unique, flexible and consistent look and feel.

We manage the creative process through our design team to give you the right brand identity; an identity that celebrates your company’s history and its future.

Deliverables: We will make the creative process clear, simple and enjoyable, service offering includes:

  • Brand identity design
  • Logo design
  • Brand identity guidelines
  • Registered trademark application
  • Image library


  • Clear identity for your business
  • Consistent look across all communications
  • Identity that amplifies your brand message

Recruitment Brand Story

Your brand launch is the beginning of the story not the end. Once we’ve defined your brand we’ll help you tell your story through content marketing.

We will build you a content strategy and calendar that will bring your brand to life. Our content marketing service will raise your profile and build your reputation with each of your audiences. And most of all, it will improve your SEO dramatically; resulting in candidate applications and client leads.