New Job Board Site Launched for Temps In The City

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May 2, 2017

temps in the city

New Job Board Site launched for Temps in the City

Strategies are excited to reveal that we’ve helped Temps in the City launch their new Job Board site, helping them with a platform to launch themselves into the temporary recruitment market.

Tempsinthecity’s new site provides a clean and fresh look to viewers upon immediate viewing. This gives a great first impression as well as an easy-to-understand user interface, complimented by a clear search functionality on the home page and filtering options just below that.

These filtering options allow candidates and general users to quickly find jobs that are most suitable to them. Quickly bringing up jobs that match a specific location, sector or job type. It’s clear that all candidates will naturally want to narrow down their list of jobs quickly, so this enables them to do that with relative ease.

Throughout the new Job Board Site, you’ll see the colour scheme matches the branding of Tempsinthecity. Resulting in a site that fits right in with the overall look and feel of Tempsinthecity, even down to the buttons on the page, this attention-to-detail is necessary in order to keep the feel throughout and it’s something that we’re able to take advantage of thanks to our Job Board system JobWeb.

Strategies exclusive Job Board system JobWeb plays an integral part throughout Tempsinthecity’s new website, ensuring both a clean design and vital administration tools to keep everything ticking behind the scenes.

If you’d like the view Tempsinthecity’s new Job Board site, then click here to see for yourself.

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