Video Transcript

The Strategies job board system was built from the ground up as a job board. This means that right from the start, you’ll have easy-to-use software, tools, and our support, in order to be ahead of your competition.

Job Search

The Keyword search on the home page allows candidates to look for roles immediately.

In addition to this, candidates can use our narrowing search feature to provide them with the options to filter through all of the available roles. This intuitive search provides an easy way for candidates to quickly find the jobs that they want, making your job board the perfect environment for them.

Upsell Opportunities

With JobWeb, you have the freedom to choose how to promote the jobs that you want.

You can use featured ads to highlight specific jobs at the top of search results, allowing them to be the first thing that candidates see.

Jobs can also be given premium status, allowing candidates to be drawn to them straight away thanks to their different appearance, when compared to regular job postings.

Whilst banner ads – placed around your job board – can allow for specific jobs or bits of information to be displayed on numerous pages, in a different style to normal job posts.

CV and Database

JobWebs intuitive nature means that it can search through candidates, and their CVs, at the same time. Meaning that you can find the exact term or candidate that you’re looking for, without having to search multiple times.

As well as searching by natural language, you can also use Boolean search to identify specific terms in a matter of seconds.


Strategies can also help you achieve highly optimised SEO. This means that you’ll be more inviting to traffic from Google and other search engines.

The SEO support provided by Strategies is tailored to your specific industry, giving you the best possible chance of connecting with potential clients and candidates. Something that can’t be achieved by using natural SEO methods alone.

With JobWeb, you’ll be able to take advantage of search engine friendly URLs, as well as efficiently optimised page titles in a user-friendly manner.


You’ll also get fast and efficient integration services with Broadbean and Idibu, as well as easy-to-use job aggregators like Indeed and Trovit, right from the get-go.

This means that you can cast your net far and wide without the hassle of going through any third-party application. It can all be done right from JobWeb.

Security, Price and Conclusion

As you would expect from Strategies, our job board system will also come with the best security, and we won’t start charging you a monthly fee until your job board is live. So you’ll know exactly where you stand at all times.

Contact us today, to find out more about your next project.