What is Google for jobs?

In layman’s terms, Google for jobs is Google’s way of displaying jobs within their search engine.

Google for jobs is aimed at showing the most relevant job results to its users, in the same way, that their search engine works. By combining Cloud Jobs API and Google’s search engine, you are likely going to start seeing Google for jobs show up more and more when browsing for jobs on the web.

According to Google, “You can improve the job seeking experience by adding job posting structured data to your job posting web pages. Adding structured data makes your job postings eligible to appear in a special user experience in Google Search results.”

The main reasoning behind this is to provide a number of benefits which include; Results included in enriched search results, more motivated applicants and increased chances of discovery and conversion.

Google for jobs

How Strategies websites are already showing on Google for jobs

At Strategies we have developed our tools and website so they can easily integrate with Google for Jobs. This means that our clients can bring use the power of Google’s search engine to help them fill jobs.

Here is an example of our client Blayze Group appears in Google for Jobs:

Even if your jobs already rank highly within Google this new area dedicated to Google for Jobs will appear higher than the organic search results, giving you and your website an additional advantage over competitors that are not developing systems for this new Google tool.

How you can use this tool on your website

The first step to take advantage of this Google tool is to contact us. If you are already an existing client we can easily add this to your website. If you are not then we will be able to go through your options and see how we can help you improve your website.