Energy Resourcing is a leading supplier of specialist professional project management, technical, engineering and support staff all over the globe.

They provide a wide range of recruitment and contractor management services to some of the world’s top companies, including oil and gas field operators, refining and petrochemical corporations, engineering design houses as well as major construction organisations.

What did Energy Resourcing require?

When Energy Resourcing initially approached us they already had a look and feel that they had in mind, but they also required autonomous website integration with Jobscience, a platform that they have regular use of.

Their old site would always take clients to third-party websites in order to view jobs and to enable applications to be managed, completely removing the user from Energy Resourcing’s own site. This was an issue that Energy Resourcing identified as an issue moving forward, and thankfully, it was something we could assist with.

Specific Site Features

Because of WordPress, we were able to utilise a number of unique eye-catching design features and integration systems which will make Energy Resourcing’s site both stylish and functional now and in the weeks and months to come.

Integration was one of the main features that Energy Resourcing requested from a new site and thanks to our experience, we’ve been able to integrate the Jobscience tracking system platform to within the site itself. This means that visitors to the site will no longer have to move to a third-party site in order to input information or view jobs; it all stays on Energy Resourcing’s website, making for a more user-friendly experience.

The integration of both Jobscience into the Energy Resourcing website is something that we’re continually updating and developing, in order to ensure that an autonomous system is built to last for as long as Energy Resourcing require it.

The site also features parallax effects which helps to create a more engaging look. Images and part of the design move with the user’s eye as they scroll down the page, creating an eye-catching feature and one that is consistent throughout the entire site.

Why did we use WordPress?

Energy Resourcing’s new site is based on the WordPress platform which allows for it to be easily updated by the client, and thanks to the Open Source nature of WordPress, it’s also future proofed for years to come; meaning less bugs and more productivity.

WordPress also allows for quick changes in design. Mid-way through the process, Energy Resourcing required some of the initial design elements to be changed, and thankfully this was a process which was easy to handle thanks to WordPress’s intuitive set-up and our pro-active communication with the client. Ensuring that they were happy with the look and feel of the design throughout the process. By using WordPress, it allowed us to move the goalposts mid-way through development and still reach the goal of the project.

The structure of WordPress also allows for us to create a consistent design throughout the website, creating a clean and crisp finish throughout, as well as including a responsive website that conforms excellently to mobile platforms. The global nature of Energy Resourcing and ease of using WordPress presented an opportunity for us to create several international pages that target specific regions across the world, making it easier for Energy Resourcing to stay in touch.

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