Having a platform to present jobs is vital for recruitment agencies. However having one that looks professional, is easy-to-use and time saving can really help you reach the next level.  At Strategies we believe that the WordPress platform is ideal and allows Recruitment Agencies to meet all the above criteria at an affordable cost.

There are a number of reasons why we think WordPress is a great platform to build recruitment agency websites on:

Open Source

Most recruitment websites are built using proprietary software. This means that only the in-house developers of the company who own the software can work on and develop that software. In contrast the open source nature of WordPress means that there are thousands of developers working on the platform, allowing its source code to be modified and enhanced by anyone, thus creating a much more agile platform that is constantly being updated and improved.

By being open source, WordPress allows for innovative plug-ins such as WP Job Manager and integration with job distribution software such as Broadbean and CRMs like Bullhorn; both of which are ideal for Recruitment Agencies.

Issues and errors can arise at any point and are often one of the main causes of negative productivity, but thankfully, because of the open source nature of WordPress these issues can be ironed out quickly.

Proprietary software is often only developed by a handful of in-house developers which means that it can take quite a bit of time to release a fix, while WordPress is more flexible and receives quicker repairs thanks to open source developers constantly working on and improving the platform.


Proprietary software locks you to using one website development company.  At Strategies we take a different approach; the fact that WordPress is open source means that should you ever wish to move your site to another provider you can.  We won’t lock you into propriety software.  We believe it’s a restrictive way of building your site and we want to present the most flexible solution possible, even if you want to move away from us.

Unlike other systems not only will you keep the information already inputted on the site but the design and feel will also remain identical, ensuring that hours spent honing the site to meet your demands aren’t wasted.

Should you leave us you won’t need to design a brand new site from scratch because you’ll already have everything you need to pick up where you left off.

Cost-Effective with Unlimited Design Options

Cost is crucial when running and maintaining a successful Recruitment Agency and when it comes to creating a website the best looking designs usually come with a premium price.

WordPress developers have created a vast array of themes and design options from which to choose from, giving you an unfathomable amount of choice when it comes to presenting the site the way you want.

Due to the range on offer, costs become somewhat negligible and contradict the price of the more expensive propriety formats you’ll find elsewhere.

Built-In Job Tools

WP Job Manager can be built right into the user-friendly WordPress system, allowing you to add, manage and categorise job listings with WordPress’s familiar UI (user interface).  Your database of jobs can easily be filtered to highlight specific job types or industry sectors, presenting an easy way to access information quickly.

WP Job Manager is also able to handle any frontend forms you might require, allowing employers to submit and manage their own job listings and give candidates the opportunity to apply for the job directly by assigning an email address or website to the listing.

A large majority of recruitment agencies will already be familiar with both Broadbean and Bullhorn, and as such will be pleased to know that WordPress allows for complete integration of these two pieces of software.  It takes the job information already inputted onto WordPress and immediately forwards it onto Broadbean and Bullhorn when you need it to.  Doing the hard work of posting jobs on a myriad of different channels (such as Reed, Monster or Indeed) instantly.

On-Site SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has become crucial to the development of leads in recent years, and Google’s ever changing metrics can be hard to keep up with.

The WordPress platform is able to aid SEO needs by providing its own on-site SEO tools, which keeps the complicated world of SEO simple to use but delivers an effective solution when it comes to increasing your page ranking.

Simple and Easy-to-Use Interface

WordPress’s interface provides a vast array of easy-to-use tools in order to properly manage and curate content, a feature that’s vital for a fast moving recruitment agency.  No developer knowledge is required, and in just the click of a button a new blog post can be set up with tools for adding formatted text, images, and videos. If you can use Microsoft Word you can use WordPress.

Individual job applications can also easily be viewed on the backend of the site using WP Job Manager or the integration method described earlier.  WordPress’s internal UI for viewing an applicant’s information allows for innovative ways of filtering out content you don’t need to see.  If only applicants who have submitted a CV or have certain qualifications are a priority, then you can simply filter them accordingly.

The intuitive nature of WordPress not only allows you to create quality content easily, but also in volume.  The need for unique content will see your recruitment site grow exponentially over time and thankfully WordPress is flexible enough to manage this change.

The scalable nature of WordPress allows for it to grow to contain potentially hundreds of thousands of pages without compromising performance.  In essence, a site based on WordPress allows for it to grow in conjunction with your business, not in spite of it.

The technology contained within WordPress also allows for simple updates to be performed without the need for waiting around for developers.  Giving you more control of the site and having the power to move forward with updates and minor changes without wasting time.

Want more information?

We are convinced that the functionality and flexibility that WordPress brings to recruitment websites is unrivalled, but if you have any questions or simply want to find out more about how it can work for you and your company then contact us today to speak to one of our team.