We all know the problem, the biggest challenge for website designers and recruitment agencies alike, the vast amount of competition.

We won’t delve too far into the myriad of options for setting yourself ahead of the competition but if you have a good operation, an effective website and operate within a niche, how then do you set yourself ahead within that niche?

You might be fortunate, or it may be a shrewd business decision to have a website with the latest in functionality and a design that wows even the most unawed of candidates, something that far outreaches your competition.

But what else can you do? We’re all sales people at heart, it doesn’t hurt to go in winning, with the strongest proposition you can muster – so what’s your USP? Faced with the choice of a number of agencies within a niche, what else can you do that makes you different and how can you present this online?

Sorry we’re not going to give away the trade secrets of our clients or designers but our point is simple, decide what sets you ahead, or what could set you ahead as a recruiter – that might be an element of your service, the way you recruit, something about your clients or the technology or functionality you choose, then make sure you shout it about it on your website. That way the tired job seeker, browsing jobs or agencies within a sector or area – when they get to you they stop – and pay attention, something catches their eye and they APPLY!!

And if you are one of our very valued clients and looking for that USP – you will already know you can call us at any time and we’ll do our best to help you find it and use it.