What is Open Source software and why you should use it

Open Source software is a crucial component in web development and technology as a whole moving forward. It’s a platform that allows for any number of developers to tinker, alter and ultimately improve software constantly, taking it out of the restrictive environment that so many pieces of software are under when developed in-house.

There are a number of reasons why Strategies use the Open Source WordPress platform, but it’s key to understand just why the idea of being Open Source is a good thing. It’s not just a buzz term that companies use to entice customers, but an idea that allows for freedom for both client and businesses moving forward.

Cost, Reliability and Support

To start with, Open Source creates an environment where thousands of developers have access to the software at all times. Constantly working and engaging with the platform in order to make improvements and evolve the software exponentially.

The constant updates that Open Source software receives is crucial to improving its reliability and gaining quick and easy access to support whenever something does go wrong. In fact, the most severe of issues tend to be fixed within hours of being detected; something that would be impossible on most propriety platforms where in-house developers would need to seek approval from their superiors before isolating and then fixing the issue.

A key aspect in making any long-term decision is the on-going cost. Yet again, investing in Open Source software means less expenditure than using proprietary software, in fact, most Open Source software projects are available for free initially, but require an expert to really get the most out of it.

Companies can also go out of business, and while we wouldn’t wish that on anyone, the reality is that it happens. While the example may be rare, purchasing a propriety system from a company that goes under could see your support end. Leaving you without a crucial part of your businesses make-up. The same can be said if the company that owns the system decides to sell it on to another company, the way the new company operates and handles the propriety system your business runs on is totally out of your hands.

Open Source software doesn’t encounter this problem, there’s no in-house development team because it can be worked on and adjusted by anyone, guaranteeing support until the end of time and thanks to its portability, you can take it with you without losing data.


Proprietary software is restrictive. It doesn’t allow for the ease-of-use and transferring of data like an Open Source system does and in today’s day and age with fast moving technology and rapidly changing business objectives; flexibility is key.

Flexible software allows for the systems you use to revolve around you and your business needs except the other way around. With proprietary software, you’re hamstrung into the constraints of the system, being able to add or adjust different features or information requirements can often take an extortionate amount of time to implement, often holding things back.

Open Source software doesn’t contain this restriction. By its very nature, Open Source needs to be free and unrestricted so that it can be manipulated at will to perform a wide variety of old and new tasks. It’s not dependent on any existing products like proprietary software is, meaning that moving forward it won’t be at risk from being locked into a specific technological ecosystem, keeping you where you don’t want to be.


At Strategies, we find the Open Source WordPress content management system provides a plethora of easy-to-use tools in order to manage and curate content, vital for a fast-moving and forward-thinking business. WordPress is also simple to use, if you’ve ever used Microsoft Word you’ll be comfortable with WordPress.

Unique content allows your site to grow and with the intuitive WordPress system you can do this in volume, growing your site exponentially over time by attracting more visitors. WordPress’s internal UI (user interface) makes this as easy as possible, and with continued updates from the Open Source community, the power of WordPress will only grow over time.

WordPress also allows for us to accommodate more innovative plug-ins. Additional software vital to your business such as Broadbean or Bullhorn are able to be integrated straight into your website in conjunction with a unique and stylish look and design. Producing an easy to manage website that features the tools you need, a great look and portability to pick up where you left off should you need to move the website for any reason.

Want more information?

We are convinced that the functionality and flexibility that Open Source software and in particular WordPress brings to recruitment websites is unrivaled, but if you have any questions or simply want to find out more about how it can work for you and your company, then contact us today to speak to one of our team.