We’ve talked a fair bit about the most used social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn but what about upcoming Google+, how can Google+ contribute to a website marketing or recruitment campaign?

Launched late in 2011 Google+ actually surpassed Twitter in 2013 to become the second most used social media network in the world and with over 500 million users and counting, over 235million of which are active users. Google+ is interwoven with many of Google’s other products and is accessible across the complete Google platform instead of being a single independent social site.

Google+ uses circles which can be Friends, Family, Acquaintances and Following or be renamed, and the Google+ timeline can be filtered by circle membership to cut out some of the social “noise” from a large social account. Posts can also be sent to relevant circles even without those members reciprocating. Hangouts facilitate group video chats, a messenger system is available and there are many other features, a good proportion serving to differentiate the network from Facebook and Twitter. In particular “social search” recognises interests and promotes content to others based on their interests. If your content is relevant to a Google+ user it may well reach them.

So what does this mean for recruiters?

Ranking in Google

A subject for debate, but often debated is the effect of a Google+ account linked to a website, for said websites Search Engine placing – particularly of course Google, but it certainly seems that having a linked account can have some benefits in search engine appearances and also provide the much needed social buzz from an active network which is seen to improve a sites credibility.

Google+ Local (formerly Google Places)

Definitely one feature which does seem to appear prominently (on the right) in Google and can be linked to a Google+ account, featuring location and maps, as well as customer reviews. For a local recruitment agency having this correctly optimised with some great candidates reviews could mean more website traffic and hence more applicants.

Networking with clients and candidates

Of course as a social network in its own right it has the same prominence as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, with a good relevant following, posting and sharing relevant content including vacancies it can generate website traffic and both candidates and clients like any other platform. And Google+ is reported to have a great tech savvy and IT professional user base due to its potential impact on SEO so depending on a recruiter’s niche it may be of greater importance. Google communities and hangouts can be levered much the same as LinkedIn Groups and Google+ Social Search has the ability to search profiles and can reap huge rewards.

Strategies can help with full social media integration for your recruitment website across as many or as few social networks as are appropriate, we can advise on relevance and usage for your business.