ust as every company is unique so is the best method to obtain links, mentions and citations for each of our clients. Below is I have laid out how we do off-page marketing for our clients websites.

Suppliers & partners

When we start the back-link campaign we look to collect the “low hanging fruit”. We ask our client for a list of their suppliers and partners, and then approach those companies for a link to the relevant client.


We will find where our client is being mentioned on the internet but not being linked to, then (nicely) request link from that site.

Competitor back-link analysis

In order to beat you competition you first of all need to know how they got to where they did. We will research our client’s competitors to find where they are getting links and then try to get links from the same places.

Fix broken back-links

If a website has been around for a while there is a good chance that other website sare linking to it but that they page they are linking to is a 404 page. We will identify these links and change them to a relevant live page, either via a 301 redirect or by contacting the linking domain.

Find other websites broken links

We will find websites that we want a link from, find links on their sites that are broken and then suggest replacements.

Local citations

This is very useful for website that would like to rank well in their local area. We find local high quality directories such as local authorities’ websites and submit our clients to these high quality directories.

Link bait

We will help our client create new and interesting content in order to attract attention and links. This content could be:

  • Infographics
  • Relevant blog posts and articles
  • Original studies or surveys
  • Free tools
  • Interviews
  • Videos

Once we have worked together with our client and created the content we will outreach to people such as influential bloggers, industry thought leaders and journalists to get word of our client new content out there.

Feature publishing and guest editorials

SEO is no longer just about building links it is also about building brands and reputations. We work with our clients to create high quality articles and editorials to be featured in industry magazines and news sites.