Are you a new venture or established recruitment agency looking for a fresh website design?

In some ways it can be more difficult if you are an established agency, your brand, sector and reputation are already set, you have a website but you know it’s time to update.

Across all sectors recruitment is changing and changing fast as technology advances and the way people search for and apply for jobs changes. No longer is the high street office the first point of call for the eager candidate, or often even the computer and website for some, the savviest of candidates start their job hunt on the move, on their mobile and on their social network of choice. Google tell us it’s 1 in 5 and that number will be growing.

Just ten small years ago saw the job boards appear, and the industry shiver in anticipation of their effects, but no they didn’t make masses of consultants redundant, they gave new opportunities to step away from traditional media advertising to focused sites where vacancies could be listed in minutes and found in seconds, now most recruitment agencies have and should have their own web based job board system where their own candidates new and old can easily apply for the roles of their choice.

Now Social Media and Mobile technologies are causing quakes but once again the change should be embraced as fabulous new mediums for finding candidates, oh and clients too don’t forget. LinkedIn in particular has created ripples in the industry as top recruiters carry their fee earners in their pockets, even when they move on and top time limited candidates seek to apply with a click using their LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn have over 200 million members and tell us 3 out of 4 want to be approached for a new job opportunity. Can your candidates apply with LinkedIn yet?

So a good proportion of candidates initiate a job search, or view a new vacancy on their mobile, ipad or tablet, if you want to keep up you just have to have a mobile compatible website and the social media integration the industry expects, but much of the meaningful activity, the research, the application, the final choice of agency still happens on your main website, you just have to have both and both need to move with the times.

Not only do you need to get ahead with your recruitment website but you need your recruitment website design to keep ahead of the competition and in front of your candidate.

Whether you are a new start-up or already a key player looking to take the next step online Strategies are here to help. We can deliver a fresh and original recruitment website design, maximum functionality with our Jobweb system currently powering in excess of 150 live recruitment websites, social media design and integration including LinkedIn applications, on-going customer service and support, and what we firmly believe is the very best solution for mobile and tablet browsing offering seamless integration where candidates can apply on the move.

What are you waiting for…