With the help of Strategies, JR Recruitment have recently launched their brand new recruitment website.

After looking at some of our previous work, JR Recruitment wanted an aesthetically pleasing look that was vibrant, but still professional. A number of sites in our portfolio were able to portray this look and so we aimed to produce a design that was unique to JR Recruitment, but still match what they needed from a new recruitment website.

The process took around three months from start to finish, which is a relatively quick turnaround for a brand new recruitment website. Part of the reason for this was how JR Recruitment worked closely with the Strategies team, identifying specific design needs and informing us of how they’d like certain aspects to look and feel.

One of the more intriguing aspects we were able to include is a geolocation map and search functionality. Powered by Google, this useful tool shows map location of jobs in a specific area that the user searches for, it can also take your specific location and provide local results directly to you.

Towards the end of the project we made a number of touches to really bring the design to the forefront. One of the more notable inclusions was assigning different colours to each job category after the user clicks through to them. This small addition provides a text free acknowledgment to the user that they’re on a specific page. We were also able to design and create a unique page layout for the private client section of JR recruitment’s new site, showing that JR Recruitment’s private client offers a different type of service.

At the end of the process, JR Recruitment were happy with their new recruitment website’s overall design and it’s a project that we were happy to of been apart of.

Customer Comment

“We used Strategies to build and design our website. They’ve done an amazing job and understood exactly what we wanted! Very efficient and professional service. I would highly recommend them!”

Visit JR Recruitment’s website for a closer look at their new design and for more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us