Strategies are pleased to reveal the launch of X4’s new dynamic recruitment website, which presents a fresh and vibrant looking design that’s not only nice on the eye, but also functional and practical.

When we initially spoke to X4, they wanted a site that was visually impactful, able to engage people, enhance their brand and provide a sense of who they are as a company.

X4’s new dynamic recruitment website will immediately grab the viewer with a video that plays upon visiting it, welcoming the user with a clear design and search functionality. The site also contains a number of custom graphics throughout, including the diamond shapes just below the home page video which are used to display four sectors in an efficient manner. It’s these custom graphics that tie into X4’s goals for a new website.

Throughout X4’s new dynamic recruitment website, you’ll notice that the overall design and images are able to provide substantial content without overwhelming the user. We’ve managed to do this by carefully selecting well placed images and icons in order to bring the content to life but provide users with a unique looking page that doesn’t just show reams of text to look at.

For the X4 Group’s new website we used the WordPress platform in order to make sure that they received the benefits of a great looking website in conjunction with a backend that enabled easy-to-use data and content management. This means that they won’t need to go through any third-party software, everything they need is all in one place.

To view the new dynamic recruitment website for the X4 Group, be sure to click here to visit it for yourself.

For More Information

If you’d like to know more about Strategies involvement with the X4 Group’s new website and how you can take advantage of the same features and techniques that they did, then make sure to get in touch with our friendly and expert team. They’ll be happy to talk you through creating a brand new and engaging website for your business.