The brief

When Cavendish first approached us to help with their new website, it was clear that far more was needed than simply a new recruitment website. Cavendish had grown a lot since their previous branding was commissioned and a clear change was needed to ensure the whole business was heading into a bold new direction.

We looked at Cavendish’s branding before we looking at anything else, taking time to understand the type of logo that was required to represent this dynamic organisation in the best possible way, but also one that was going to be modern and future proof and to match the new website.

Cavendish had so much great information in regards to all aspects of their business and it was clear that the whole site needed a completely custom design to accompany this. Instead of having pages that all looked the same, each page was approached individually. This way it allowed us to really target specific users on specific pages, whilst ensuring that all the content wasn’t just dumped on a page without any real care.

The final piece of the puzzle was to ensure Cavendish’s SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) was not only maintained but improved upon. Migrating all of the pages and links from the previous site was of utmost importance to ensure no authority was lost. We also set out a new plan for the future and work closely with Cavendish to ensure that they constantly grow their site and their organic SEO at the same time.

What we did for Cavendish

Throughout Cavendish’s new website, we wanted to push the boundaries of what had been done before. Instead of conforming to the norm, we wanted to challenge the way that users interacted and experienced the new website.

Our first point of call was animation, we wanted to make sure that when users browsed through the site it offered unique animation. These subtle effects that have been used really help captivate the users and draw attention to areas of the pages that would have once been ignored or overlooked.

As with all of our site designs we offered Cavendish complete flexibility when the site was being designed. This meant that we could go back and forth with one another to ensure that the site matched Cavendish’s bold new direction.

We can’t wait to see where the Cavendish site goes from here, their new website going live is only the beginning.

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