As you can imagine the team here look and consult on a huge number of recruitment websites on a weekly basis.

When reviewing a handful of recruitment websites, built by our competitors, we were astounded that a large number are still forcing registration before a candidate can apply for an advertised position.

This is a BIG no no.. Not only does it make for very poor user experience (UX) but it will significantly reduce the number of candidate applications a recruitment website will generate meaning they could be missing out on vital candidates for their vacancies.

When applying for jobs speed of execution is of paramount importance and therefore it stands to reason the process should be made as simple as possible. By placing a clear barrier between the candidate and the ability to simply make an application the drop off rate before data capture is likely to be significant.

This can be likened to shopping on-line. We have all been in the situation where we have searched the web, we have found the perfect item, we are ready to purchase but hold on the site requires you us to fully register providing all our information before we can purchase. This causes nothing but frustration and in some cases forces the buyer to look elsewhere! This is exactly the same when a candidate is forced to register on a recruitment website before being able to make an application.

The very first incarnation of our Jobweb system, originally built in the late 1990’s, used to do just that and having gone through a rigorous R&D process shortly after, we identified that by removing the registration barrier applications in some cases increased by over 60% across the network.

As par for the course any recruitment website built by us DOES NOT force registration but simply ask for the candidate to enter their name, email address and upload a CV.

See image below:

candidate registration

Over the last year, and at time of writing, we delivered 8,758,866 candidate applications for our clients. This is not achieved by happenchance but from years of research and development and a clear and concise understanding of the most effective user experience needed for our clients websites to succeed.

If you require further information or advise please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team.