Running a recruitment business is a complex task, especially when it comes to your website. However, rather than becoming trapped on a proprietary platform, it’s important that you have full ownership of your site. We’ve shared the main reasons why having full ownership of your recruitment website is so important – take a look now.

What is a Proprietary Platform?

A proprietary platform is a web platform that is fully owned by the company that sells you their web services. This means that your website is not your own and that all the information you share on the website is owned by the provider you use.

This is a problem for many recruitment businesses as it stops you from being able to grow your website the way you want and means that if you decide to switch providers then you will need to start from scratch each time.

The Main Reasons You Should Avoid a Proprietary Platform

When it comes to choosing whether you invest in your own site or choose a proprietary platform then there are lots of reasons why avoiding a proprietary platform makes sense. These include:

  • Avoiding Expensive Fees – proprietary platforms charge their clients a monthly subscription fee and cancellation fees if you decide to leave before the end of your contract. This money could be better spent elsewhere in your business.
  • Keeping Your Rankings – if you decided to leave your proprietary platform then all your SEO rankings and other important data would be lost, causing a significant impact to your business.
  • Owning Your Own Site – when you own your own site you are in control of everything that is shared and kept. Sticking with a proprietary platform will mean that they are likely to own the rights to everything, leaving you with nothing when you choose to move.

Why Taking Control of Your Website is the Right Choice

Deciding to own your own website and organise your site the way you want can be both frightening and exciting! The good news is that the opportunities on offer far outweigh the problems, meaning that you can take control of your destiny and grow your recruitment website in the way that works for you.

Some of the biggest benefits that come with owning your own site include:

  • Total Design Autonomy – rather than having to choose from a pre-designed layouts and designs, you can work to create something brand new that stands out from the crowd.
  • Choose the Features You Want – many pre-designed sites have restricted features and capabilities that can stifle your work. But when you do it yourself, you can choose all the features that you want, making your site a truly bespoke creation.
  • Own Your Data and Source Code – if you decide to move to a new provider then your source code and data will be yours to transfer without restriction, helping you to maintain your site rankings and SEO.
  • Choosing a Great Vendor – when clients come to us at Strategies, they are impressed that we not only build great recruitment websites but that we let our clients lead and we produce the results they want without question.
  • Understanding All Costs – when you are in control, you will have a greater understanding of the running costs needed to keep your site secure and available at all times.
  • Choose the Contract You Want – taking control means being able to choose a website support contract that works for you and allows you to keep your site if you ever choose to switch companies.

We Know How Important Your Website is!

Ultimately, getting your website right is a critical part of owning a recruitment business. From generating data and analytics that you can use to attract new candidates to providing a one stop destination for clients to see what you have to offer, a website can make or break what you are trying to achieve.

At Strategies, we have extensive experience in creating the very best recruitment websites for a wide range of clients. From getting to know what you are trying to achieve and converting that into a fully functional site, we would love to support you on your journey to getting the results you want.

Why not contact the Strategies team to find out exactly what we can do for you and take your business website to the next level today!

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