Our websites Meta Data or Meta Information for each and every page on your website or blog is still a vital aspect of how your website performs in the search engines.

In fact, in light of Google’s algorithm updates in the past 18 months it’s both more important and essential that it is written both naturally and effectively, whilst complementing the on page text and content for the reader. As part of Google’s thirst for rich, relevant content some expertise is required to ensure websites Meta information promotes rather than penalises a website design.

The key information for each page of a website is Meta Title, Meta Description and Keywords. Meta Titles should complement page titles and offer a chance add additional information all in 70 characters. Meta descriptions are not part of Google’s ranking metrics but they are a vital component in improving your sites click-through-rate and should be designed to encourage people to visit your site in about 156 characters and be very naturally written and not keyword “stuffed”. It is essential when marketing a website today to set your most important keywords and phrases at the start to make sure your overall strategy compliments them but also focuses on other key areas such as the best quality on page content, a relevant and refined linking strategy and a full social media focus.

Furthermore Google hates duplication, and rapidly de-ranks sites it views as being duplicated or having duplicated content, both on page and Meta content should vary from page to page.

An important thing to understand is that Meta Descriptions are often displayed as Google’s “snippets” in search results and can be what your client or candidate’s reads before they even see your website. Good websites can be decimated by poorly written Meta information. Snippets or rich snippets can be taken from Meta Descriptions, page content, but also references from around the web – like review sites.

This article from Google itself expands on both Meta Data and snippets and includes a link top right to Google’s SEO starter guide.

If you have or are considering a recruitment website designed by Strategies, our in house experts will already have this in hand, and will consult with you to ensure your website build is as optimised as possible, if you would like to learn more please contact us.