We are in the Golden age of technology. These days most adults of a working age own at least one smart phone or tablet device. In nearly every town and city in the world you only have to walk down a street and you will find a huge amount of people clutching a mobile device busy browsing and searching for information.

It will come as no surprise to many recruitment companies to hear that the mobile revolution is well underway. For some time now we have seen and read articles stating the importance of having a mobile optimised recruitment website.

A staggering 60% of job searches are now made whilst mobile. Indeed recently quoted that 1 in 2 applications are made from smart phones and they receive over 100,000 applications a day worldwide. Strategies introduced responsive recruitment website design as a standard feature to all new sites back in October 2013.

By listening to our customers and having significant industry knowledge, we knew back then, it was the right move to enable our clients to maintain an advantage in their market. As a result searches and applications increased across the board. Still (despite this growing trend), some recruiters have held off going mobile but Google may be about to make the decision for them.

They have the ability to change the industry overnight, they have done this before and it appears that they are about to do it again. Over the next few weeks “Googlebot” will be crawling your recruitment website to establish if you are eligible for their “mobile Friendly” label. Going forward, those who have mobile friendly recruitment websites will be clearly labelled as mobile friendly when search results are returned. The idea behind this is to give mobile users clear directions to sites that will return the best mobile experience.

It’s pretty obvious that if your recruitment website isn’t mobile friendly, pretty quickly you could expect to see a significant drop in traffic, which will almost certainly mean a drop in candidate applications. Google has also made it clear they are currently experimenting with using mobile friendly criteria as a ranking signal.

Once established this will see non mobile friendly recruiters potentially fall out of favour with the search engines and see a massive decline in organic traffic.

The solution?

Speak with the experts, Strategies offer responsive (mobile friendly) recruitment websites as standard. We have over 15 year’s experience of working solely with recruitment businesses and believe we are best placed to stop your recruitment business from falling in to a search black hole.