Already we are seeing the prodigal 2014 round up’s and 2015 predictions for website design trends. In 2014 recruitment websites became cleaner, simpler, less cluttered and of course far more mobile and tablet friendly with this years must have “responsive website design”. Great homepage graphics and good blog and social media presentation were also key.

Moving into 2015 with mobile and tablet device usage looking set to overtake desktop PC usage across the board, responsiveness and catering to smaller screen size is even more vital than ever. With laptops and desktop monitors becoming as touch friendly as even the smallest smart phone there are more and more things for expert webmaster and web designers to consider.

Full screen was a feature in 2014 which is set to continue, and forward trends continue to predict less is more when it comes to textual content, meaning explanative graphics and importantly video feature more strongly. On imagery, bigger is seen as better, and photography or alternatively flat design prevalent.

The use of overlay, layering, tiles, light boxes and other features which make the most of a single page are becoming popular but are of course areas where and expert developer is needed to make sure the website not just works but achieves its goals and channels visitors to them in simple straightforward fashion.

Colour trends vary from monochrome palettes to vibrant rainbow ones and font usage is as wide ranging with the use of varying font types and sizes increasing.

Here is our round up of further reading for 2014 analyses and 2015 trends: