The ideal recruitment website should provide you with an attractive web presence but most importantly provide you with the tools to boost online applications facilitating an increase in the number of placements your recruitment business can make.

How exactly is this achieved??

Most decision makers tend to lean towards the design of their recruitment website to achieve this and whist it is very important to have a design that sets you apart from your competitors and sticks in the mind it is equally vital that the functionality is not sacrificed for the purpose of a good looking website.

Below is a list of what we recommend in order to provide the highest return on Investment from your recruitment website.

Job Search

This is the most integral part of a recruitment website. The job search needs to be easy to use and needs to have pride of place on your home page.

Job Alerts

Ok the candidates have found you but how do you ensure they keep coming back. This is where relevant job email alerts are an invaluable part of your recruitment website.

Ease of Application

Your candidate has found the right job but they don’t half an hour to apply. A quick and easy application process will ensure that you capture all the rising stars.

Statistic Reporting

Any recruitment website should provide you with the tools to report on the usage and statistics in order to provide you with a clear indication of how effective it is being for you.

Search Engine Optimisation

You have the design, you have the website functionality but if no one can find you then it is irrelevant. A site with strong SEO will ensure that the right traffic finds you for the right reasons.

Mobile Website Presence

Recruitment websites are viewed on the move, at home and in the office. They have to be equally available on iPad and a smartphone as well as a standard office PC. Jobweb designs and technology are optimised for each of these environments enabling you to get the best out of the site whichever way your candidates choose to view it.

Social Media Integration

Social media is free traffic and exposure!! Have links to your pages and groups on your website and ensure jobs posted will be fed out to Twitter, Facebook etc. Having a sharing widget on each job description is also an excellent feature.

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