Custom Web Design & Development

Specialists in website creation unique to your business

We have worked with clients for over 20 years, from a variety of industries, to develop professional websites specific to a business. It could be lead generation websites, membership organisations, e-commerce or corporate and brochure but it will be based on proven technology and built with Mobile First in mind.

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Why clients choose and stay with Strategies:

  • Proven and extensive delivery track record
  • Agile design and development methodology
  • The values we bring to our delivery of integrity, respect, innovation and team work
  • Extensive design and development expertise
  • Quality of the final solution

Our Delivery Philosophy

Our in-house web development team has over two decades of experience in the creation of complex, online web applications. Our technical approach has been devised from this wealth of experience allowing us to deliver efficient, flexible and rapid web development. All underpinned by the following guiding principles:

Innovative Design.Maximise your site's aesthetic appeal and impact to showcase your business

Mobile Ready.You new site will be designed with accessibility from all devices in mind ....

Easy to useEnsure your site is quick and cost effective to change and update in the future

Open SourceFlexibility Wordpress CMS statement. No lock in

Best of all we are nice people, talk plain English and are always available to support you every day.

Project Management

Our team includes web project managers experienced in developing large and complex systems. All of our projects are delivered with the assistance of a comprehensive and functional HTML wireframe prototype of your final application. The wireframe enables you, your team and your investors to visualise and interact with your application from within your web browser before any development work starts.

Rapid HTML Wireframe Prototyping

Due to the iterative and collaborative nature of this process (working closely with you) we find it by far the best way to tease the functionality requirements from any business or entrepreneur. An application will often change a great deal during this initial phase of design as our client sees the application come to life within the HTML wireframe prototype.

The flexible nature of the prototype (it does not contain complex programming or a database) allows us to rapidly test different approaches to complex elements of functionality and workflows. We can see what works best onscreen, in a web browser with your users or select group of early client testers.

All of our prototypes are delivered with and underpinned by a comprehensive, written technical specification.

A Varied Development Skill-Set

Our technical personnel are drawn from various different marketplaces and industry sectors helping us to deliver a variety of experience and expertise to any project. We like to keep ourselves ahead of the curve and regularly attend industry events and conferences.

We use a combination of Open Source technologies because we wholeheartedly believe that this delivers the most flexibility, value and broad spectrum of the latest technologies to any project. All development work is undertaken using Zend Framework and a variety of databases including MySQL and Mongo DB. We have also been using Elastic Search for a number of years and use it to power sites that require fast and powerful search functions across large database. We would be delighted to both demonstrate and discuss the best blend of technology for your project.

We also specialise in the deployment of bespoke WordPress content management solutions. We have worked with WordPress now for over 10 years and can fully integrate the benefit of this fantastic CMS and it’s core plugins such as Woo Commerce into other bespoke solutions. This flexible approach allow us to rapidly deploy “phase 1 solutions” without the need develop everything form scratch.


We undertake work in a great number of different market sectors but specialise in the following:

  • Recruitment
  • Motor Industry
  • Aerospace
  • Defence
  • Publishing
  • Security
  • Consultancy
  • Space
  • Home Improvement
  • Manufacturing