Creating a recruitment agency business website is an important business priority, especially when you are looking for new clients and candidates. If you are ready to start your new website design but don’t know what to focus on then our top 5 tips are sure to help – check them out now!

Make Your Site Clear and Easy to Navigate

When a client or candidate arrives at your website, they will want to get to the information they need with the fewest amounts of clicks. This means creating a clearly labelled site that is easy to navigate and that has the right information in the right places.

You may be keen to get clients and candidates to engage with information that you think is important, but you should never compromise ease of use to achieve this. Provide a clear navigation bar and separate information for clients and candidates so that everyone can get what they need without confusion.

Always Use a Mobile First Design Strategy

When it comes to designing the way you want your website to work, it is important to go with a mobile first design. This means designing the site for mobile devices before expanding it to suit tablets and then desktops. The reason for this is that the mobile version will have more restrictions that you need to cover and doing this first will produce better results for users.

It’s also important to note that there are significantly more smartphones in use than desktops and many people do the majority of their internet searches from their mobile device.

By creating a mobile first design, you will be developing your site for the majority of users before moving on to other designs which will help you get a website that works for your business needs.

Think About User Experience

Many people get their website wrong because they design it for themselves rather than their audience. It is important to remember that what may seem logical to you may be the opposite to the people that you are trying to engage with and so you will need to think about their experience when creating your design.

There are countless numbers of features and integrations that can help your clients and candidates enjoy their time on your website. The key is working out what they need and then using that information to ensure that your site has the best features and the simplest navigation for them.

Have a Clear SEO Strategy

The majority of internet users need search engines to find the sites they want to visit. This means that you will need a clear search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy. Many people think that SEO is just about choosing the right keywords but in reality, there are many more aspects that you will need to think about.

Getting your site optimised means making sure that it is clearly laid out, has the right tags in the right places as well as making sure that you have some keywords in place to help search engine crawlers understand what you are offering. It’s important to avoid things like keyword stuffing as you can detrimentally harm your ranking by over using specific terms. Taking the time to get proper SEO advice and using that logically will ensure that your optimisation efforts work well for you.

Make Sure Your Brand and USP is Clearly Reflected

Your website gives you the perfect opportunity to show who are are and what you have to offer. People’s impressions of your website will be primarily based on what they see, with the words you use being secondary.

If the look of your website doesn’t reflect your brand then the people you want to engage with your site are likely to leave before they given you a chance.

Your USP is what you want visitors to see as soon as they arrive on your site as this is what sets you apart from your competition. Don’t hide your USP on a page where visitors have to click through to find out. A bold USP and associated branding are essential to be reflected instantly and consistently throughout your website.

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