Bill Bates – Business Manager

Once we made a decision to get a new recruitment website our team researched competitors sites and came up with a long list of things we liked about them. We saw that Strategies had built one particularly good website and contacted them for a quote.

We had a budget to work to but was concerned that we would get into the process and then get hit by add on’s and “extras”. We were happy to discover that the cost we had agreed included everything we wanted – as well as things we hadn’t even considered.

Throughout the process Alex Sodhi, Joe Symons and everyone at Strategies were amazing. They listened to what we wanted and advising us accordingly. If we asked a question they came back to us – sometimes within seconds. They were patient too. If we didn’t understand anything they were happy to explain. They kept us informed at every stage, constantly testing and updating on a dummy site so not to interfere with our live site. Once finished, and we tested the new recruitment website, the transfer was immediate and trouble free. They continued to be helpful once the website went live.

We were happy with Strategies and very happy with what they delivered.

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