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    SEO Workshops and Training

    Learn how to manage your own SEO

    Websites that want to feature in search engines need both an initial SEO set up before the site is launched and an ongoing process to ensure that search engines such as Google can both read and understand what that site is about. This means that time and attention needs to be devoted to key areas of the site while it is in build to ensure that it starts performing from day one.

    Google typically makes small changes very often and major changes on a 6 month cycle.

    Examples of major changes recently has been the increasing relevance of mobile search, speed of the server, and the increased role of 'natural' language across a site. The ever-changing landscape of SEO means that a website needs to be constantly monitored to ensure that it continues to adhere to best practice.

    Monitoring and reacting to these changes takes time, as does measuring where you are ranking in the search engines and the levels of traffic your site is receiving from them. Our reporting package can deliver the information you need monthly, allowing you to track your progress.

    Our Technical SEO Service

    For new customers we do an initial setup that includes:

    • Reviewing site meta data
    • Targeted keywords vs target URL
    • Reviewing menu structure
    • Internal links
    • Image optimisation
    • Keeping on top of crawl errors
    • Monitoring site messages in WMT
    • Keeping on top of HTML improvements
    • Configuring 301 redirects where required
    • Managing soft 404s
    • Checking for duplicate content
    • Managing canonical links
    • No-indexing pages
    • Monitoring Google and Bing sitemap health
    • Page speed

    Details of the ongoing package

    We will monitor the errors that are reported by both Google and Bing Webmaster Tools to ensure that the site remains clear of 404s and other issues that appear on every website. This will make sure that the basic SEO health of your website is continuously monitored.

    Google updates every day but some updates are more important than others. We conduct ongoing research to ensure that our SEO client sites are updated and aligned with the needs of the Google algorithm. By taking the technical package, your website will benefit from this research and updates.

    Monthly Reporting

    We aim to strike the balance between providing you with enough information so you can understand your market position but not so much that the data becomes overwhelming.

    We use a wide package of SEO software tools and to buy these for one site would cost at least £100 per month, but as an SEO client you benefit from our agency purchasing power. Added to that we are able to save you 2 to 3 hours per month by putting all the relevant data together into one place for you. This includes:

    • Keyword tracking
    • Traffic reports
    • KPI reports

    The results

    Our aim is to both reduce the risk of losing any search engine authority when you change your site and then to increase the flow of relevant traffic to your site to help you increase revenue and profit.

    We do this by making sure that your site puts its best foot forward when it's launched; that it is easy for search engines to read and understand your site and then provide you the data that you need each month so you can understand the online position of your business.

    Let's talk

    Session 1: Keyword Research Workshop

    We will kick the process off with a keyword research workshop. This workshop is designed to do the following:

    • Introduce the core principles of SEO
    • Understanding your business objectives and audience
    • What are your keywords

    This workshop will then allow us to generate four essential reports:

    • Keyword Research Report
    • Content Gap Analysis
    • Website Content Plan
    • Technical Website Audit

    These reports will give you the knowledge you need to ensure that your website is well optimised, that you know what keywords to target, what content is missing from your website, and then finally what you need to produce in order to target your key audience in the search engines. Once armed with this information we will use the second workshop to show you how to implement these principles and reports on your own website.

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